I am Dimitrije Davidović, a designer from Serbia.
I graduated from the Art School in Nis, after which I enrolled at the Belgrade Polytechnic, where I graduated in the field of industrial product design.
I am a member of several creative industry organizations such as Word Design Consortium, International Association of Designers, International Council of Creative Industries etc.

My work is guided by the thought that if we follow nature we cannot make mistakes.
The main thread that runs through my design is, just like that – nature, whether it was biomimicry, taking shapes from nature, inspiration in natural phenomena, or the material itself.
Guided by the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, I create forms that are close to the human being.
Indicators that I am on the right path are people who give me the confidence to work with them and create a better-designed future.
Proof of that work is the awards in the field of design and innovation that I received at international competitions.
Some of my projects have ended up in exhibitions around the world, through Belgrade, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Shenzhen, etc.

I am guided not only by nature in creating design but also in my everyday attitude towards life.
I replace long sitting spent at the computer with frequent stays in nature, swimming, hiking, etc.



Industiral design

Industrial design is a product that should satisfy both the manufacturer and the consumer at the same time.
Guided by design principles, this product should be attractive and comfortable to the user, but at the same time, it should respect the production process and materials.
Through working on different products, I encountered various challenges and obstacles, which complemented my formal education.
Making one circular process through sketching, ergonomics, psychology, market research, 3D models, and prototypes, most of my products have met with a positive end-user rating.

Interior design

I am here to make your house a home. From your boring working space, the place that inspires you, and all that through the process that you will love.

Enjoying the creation process, I pay great attention to functionality, ergonomics, and the aesthetics of the entire space.
In my five years of experience, I have collaborated with individuals as well as companies on projects that included housing, business premises as well as commercial facilities.



Creative director

Making high-end creative decisions is my passion. Today, it is not enough to think outside the box.
If you want to push the boundaries you have to think dimensionally more than others.
An open mind and thinking in all directions are what give me a vision in creating a new project.
Realizing a vision requires the right people. Creative people need someone who must guide them and give them encouragement and direction. And someone who has to point out a mistake to them when a mistake exists.

Let’s get started

Now that you know a lot about me, let me know if you are interested to work with me.