The furniture fair in Belgrade

FURNITURE FAIR Furniture fair Belgrade The furniture fair in Belgrade is held for the 56th time at the Belgrade Fair. The most significant event in the sphere of design, production, and distribution of furniture, wood industry, and associated branches in Southeast Europe. Place of the meeting of furniture manufacturers and distributors, designers, engineers, architects, and […]


MOOD The Museum of Outstanding Design MOOD MOOD, The Museum of Outstanding Design began as a platform to promote new work by living artists, architects and designers, and has quickly gained ground as an institution presenting the newest, most important evolutions in international contemporary art, design, industrial design and architecture.  The innovative and timely exhibitions, […]

Is there a perfect kitchen

IS THERE A PERFECT KITCHEN Kitchen as a visual part of the interior Isn’t your kitchen perfect and ideal? Is it difficult for you to manage your kitchen?  If yes! Then the kitchen design is not tailored to your activities. The kitchen should be full of energy, not your cooking being a kind of torment. […]

Virtual Reality

VIRTUAL REALITY Virtual Reality (VR) – modern paradox Is Virtual Reality the Future or the Present? Hmm. I would say the present, though for some it may not be the further future. Can reality be virtual? How is this reality but virtual? Is this the new paradox of modern times? How can that reality be […]