About Dimitrije.

Dimitrije Davidovic is a designer from Serbia. He graduated at Art School in Nis, after which he went to study at Belgrade Polytechnic on industrial design section.

He finds inspiration in the nature. 

He has a sophisticated design. He works for people, not for things. 

Dimitrije’s design of washbasin “Morph” has won bronze medal on prestigious competition in Italy with more than 45000 submitted works.

He is a winner of silver Nikola Tesla medal for “Eclipse” lamp design. 

Dimitrije is a participator of international exhibition. 

2019 Dimitrije gets gold medal from associations of innovators.

When not in front of laptop, he runs, swims, climbs, he does everything that kids do. Kidding aside, in his free time he plays sports.

Industrial design

Multiple times awarded

Full product design. From idea to realization

Idea | Sketch | 3D model | Model | Prototype

3D modeling

Five years of experience and a lot of satisfied clients

3D modeling by picture, sketch or technical drawing. Preparation customers 3D model for 3D printing.

Interior design

According to the client's needs

We will help You to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment through interior design, interior planing, unique furniture design, and interior decoration