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Kitchen design – concept design – light design


Light is a term that is still admirable, used here as inspiration for the conceptual design of the kitchen. At the moment we will not pay attention to functionality, which is certainly not lacking, we will be more concerned with the artistic elements that I covered here. To remind ourselves, the visual elements include: line, direction, shade, shape, size, color, texture.

If we pay attention, we can notice all these fine art elements on this kitchen design that I tried to present through the light, and use all eight through the kitchen design – the kitchen light.

The light in this design permeates each of these elements. It starts with a line of light that gives the direction of view of the user, through a valer that only makes light in the human eye and forms the shape and size of kitchen elements and ends with the texture of the light.

The combination of black, which gives elegance and mystery to every element, with light details that emphasize certain details of the kitchen, give the user a feeling of magic. Where he is the central figure of the event. That contrast adds to the vibrancy of the entire kitchen, forcing anyone who sees it to explore even the smallest of them.

This is a kitchen where nothing is left to chance and where each element is individually designed to fully meet the user’s needs.


Functional kitchen


Let’s look at this kitchen from the aspect of function. Much attention has been paid to the details. We have a panel that is made of epoxy resin through which light passes and makes it easier to see what is on the board, on the other hand we have a panel of the upper element that illuminates the other worktop the entire length. The drawers are slightly retracted, do not protrude, which means that the user cannot accidentally hook his leg and injure himself. Also, the drawer sections are illuminated, making it easier for users to move through the kitchen during the evening. The worktop is designed to have grooves so that food and liquid cannot get out of the hob, with one hole at the end of the hob for easier disposal of waste, which has an easy emptying mechanism, and the waste hatch is also illuminated.


If you are wondering why you can’t find the perfect kitchen for you and some other things about kitchen design, you can find out in the text I wrote specifically for that. You can find it by clicking here!



Just as sunlight is a natural phenomenon, it is so natural that form and space can only be perceived when they are illuminated. For an object or space to be visually visible at all, they must be illuminated and a certain amount of light must fall on them. *

*Teorija forme ( Kosta Bogdanović, Bojana Burić)


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