Kitchen as a visual part

of the interior

Isn’t your kitchen perfect and ideal? Is it difficult for you to manage your kitchen? 

If yes! Then the kitchen design is not tailored to your activities. The kitchen should be full of energy, not your cooking being a kind of torment. Let’s make the perfect kitchen for you!

A modern lifestyle like this one today has led us to become a luxury for some of our usual activities. Everyday life like cooking food in your house becomes a rarity. And the kitchen becomes a visual element of the interior.

As our gaze moves westwards, we see that this phenomenon is increasingly present.
In Eastern Europe, we still have a kitchen as a usable space.


The main difference between “modern” and “traditional” kitchens is not in the elements themselves, but in the use of those elements. The “modern” kitchen is the guest kitchen, while on the other side we have the kitchen for the hostess.

If we take the kitchen from a design view (kitchen design) we cannot make a clear difference. We can find a variety of styles and innovations in kitchen design. From the difference in the quality of the material to the shape and design of the kitchen elements.

In one of my kitchen projects, I designated light as the bearer of the whole design. Where through the light I played around with the visual elements. If you want to know more about this design, click here.


I would love to make a difference in the kitchen by its purpose and tailor the kitchen to its user. What’s in that kitchen? How much is this kitchen used for? How is it used? You can see one interesting statistic about kitchen design here.

These are some issues that architects and designers do not pay much attention to today. In fact, they are central to the well functioning of a single unit of apartment such as a kitchen. The kitchen must be functional and energetic. To make its appearance attractive to the user.
Does a vegan need a meat hammer? Will a vegetarian be banned from using a wood plank? Not everyone will need four rings, but they will need two ovens.

If we have frutherians, vegetarians, vegans, paleotherians, etc. (not the names of the inhabitants of some distant planets :)), why not have a specially designed kitchen for each group of people? Come to adjust objects to our needs, not that we adapt to the subject!
Because of all this, you need to hire the right people, who will make your day-to-day work easier.

The conclusion is that we are all different and each of us has our own way of approaching this magic of food preparation. And that the kitchen is not only one element in the house, but is also a central venue.

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