Virtual Reality (VR)

– modern paradox

Is Virtual Reality the Future or the Present?


I would say the present, though for some it may not be the further future.

Can reality be virtual? How is this reality but virtual? Is this the new paradox of modern times? How can that reality be virtual, and that word virtually, what does it mean? Can we use the word imagination instead?

Virtual reality or VR is the technological capability of a person to gain real, physical, experience in their head with the help of certain equipment. The very thought that we can learn something or be in a situation where we are not present really physically seems very powerful, and somehow incomprehensible.
Meeting with virtual reality

Until I personally encountered VR equipment and picked up that virtual experience, I couldn’t imagine anything like that. I was theoretically familiar, but when I entered the world and experienced VR in a practical example, I realized that a picture was worth over a thousand words.

The experience gained while using Virtual Reality was useful even after removing the equipment.

Virtual reality is actually designed to simulate relativity. You move, jump, kneel, grasp, do it all in the real world, in the room, while your mind is in an unfamiliar place for you, and where it performs certain tasks to get out of a given situation.

For example, VR is used by some special police units, the military, to simulate life-threatening situations, as well as fire units for fire and rescue simulations.
How I used Virtual Reality in design ?

I used this technological advancement by implementing my design into virtual reality.

This means that at the client’s request, if we talk about interior design, I can bring him into his future space before anything is physically made, and not only that, I can allow him to make changes to his interior in real time. This allows the client to look at every detail of their interior, and reduces the possibility of making a mistake and spending extra money to rework and purchase other things after the project is completed. One example of an interior in virtual reality can be viewed here.

Looking at a user who needs some product design, industrial design, VR technology is currently unmatched by this.

The user is able to interact with the object and its design through the equipment, he gets the ability to walk around the model, resize certain parts, color, initiate that design, and most importantly in real time.

You can see one example of using VR in the case of car design here.

All this is a testament to how almighty our mind is, and how much the mind actually controls the body. It has long been questioned what a man could do to use at least half of his brain (according to some scientific studies, man uses only 10% of the potential of his most useful organ). Some science theorists even write that he could even move things with his mind without physical touch.

Well, we know that Nikola Tesla made whole mechanisms and machines in his head, he even managed to start them so that they actually worked and were created in his head before they existed in the physical world!

As Serbian great poet Miroslav Mika Antic would say, in life we should strive to open as many of these hidden pockets in our brains as possible, to try to free our minds.
Does this technology make it easier for us today?

Are we closer to opening our minds with Virtual Technology? It certainly allows us to see these mechanisms and shapes in our heads, to turn them and to move them.
Is it a VR double edged sword? Will it deplete our brains, and deprive us of the beauty of fantasy? These are all questions that only a very long time will answer. What do you think about this?

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